Other Oral and Facial Procedures in Vista

Here in Vista, we see and treat many patients with a variety of issues affecting the mouth, face and neck region. Many patients visit our office due to conditions or diseases that affect their quality of life and threaten their future health. Others come to us seeking reconstruction for cosmetic or functional imperfections caused by birth defects or traumatic injuries.

Did you know…

that oral and maxillofacial surgeons not only complete a general dentistry education, but they also train alongside medical doctors in hospital based residency programs? As practicing surgeons, they wear many different hats and receive referrals from both dentists and physicians. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is capable of administering in-office anesthesia, removing cancerous tumors, performing cosmetic procedures and even treating car accident victims with traumatic facial injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of conditions will a Vista oral and maxillofacial surgeon treat?

Our team is highly trained and experienced in the treatment of many soft and hard tissue conditions. Examples include:

Do you offer pain management for in-office procedures?

At our office, comfort is our utmost priority. We take every step to ensure our patients enjoy little or no discomfort during treatment. In many cases, this includes the use of IV sedation anesthesia, which allows most patients to remember little or nothing about the treatment experience.

What should I expect during a visit to an oral surgeon?

The first visit is always a consultation, during which you may undergo a physical exam and digital imaging to confirm a diagnosis and assist in treatment planning. The surgeon will review options for treatment and make recommendations based on your goals and health. If you decide to move forward with treatment, you will return at a later date for your procedure. Many Vista oral and maxillofacial procedures can be performed right here in the comfort of our office, though some patients will undergo surgery at a hospital.


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